Wednesday, December 2, 2009

first post

My Mistress, otherwise known as Ashira-Mommy, left me, and moved to Moscow. It's okay though, 'cause she left me with Mommy and Daddy, and I love them too >^..^< She's teaching people how to speak English. I don't know why they want to learn that instead of cat?

Ashira-Mommy was worried that she didn't get a chance to clean up and put away her last few pieces of clothing before Mommy and Daddy took her to the airport. But really, that's okay too: I have things that remind me of her for my nest. (Mommy tells me that that's what she told her when she started to apologize for not getting to them). See - I think it's a lovely nest:

Thank you Ashira-Mommy - I love you!!!

Now it's time for my nap >^zz^<


catinalife said...

Dascha is so pretty! A cat after my own heart!

button said...

My kitty buddy is in love with Dascha. Love the blog! :o) button

Michelle said...

meow...purrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I like Buddy, too! He's very cute. >^..^< Dascha

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