Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mistress came home!

Ashira-mommy is home! But it's only for a visit... She has to get a new silly piece of paper (a veeza? veesa? What is it mommy? (a visa, dascha) thanks mommy >^..^<) to be in Russia for longer. But that makes me happy, 'cause she's here for two whole weeks! I'm kinda used to her not living here all the time (you wouldn't believe how many times she's abandoned me! (well, at least I always have mommy and daddy...), so I decided not to be really mad at her. I even slept with her last night. You know, she kept telling me how much she missed me, but she was telling her bed that too - now I'm really not sure which of us she missed the most! So that's why I snuck out and visited mommy this morning. I also didn't want her to think I'd abandoned her. (that's ok, dascha baby - I know that!) 'Sides which - she's awake, and will pet me! 

Do you think if I sneak into ashira-mommy's suitcase I can go to Russia with her?

I'll have to try that when she's packing...
hmmm, I'm not sure that there's enough room in this one
maybe this one would be better
yes, there's much more room in here!
drat! - my plan has been found out!
I guess I'll have to settle for leaving her my scent


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